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American Idol” relived the music of the 1980s in the latest performance show. Season 7 winner David Cook returned to share some advice to the Top 8, saying of this week’s theme, “The ’80s, to me, just represent incredible production, incredible music. That’s why the songs stand up 30 years later.”

041014 0807 AmericanIdo1 American Idol Relived the Music of 1980s

After a group opening number, Jena Irene rocked the stage with “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. She started it slow on the piano and sang it in its original, edgy version by the time she hit the chorus. The judges admired her effort to put a twist on it and try to make the song her own, though Harry Connick Jr. didn’t like the arrangement.

Dexter Roberts brought his guitar when singing “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” by The Georgia Satellites. The judges had no complaint since it was a safe performance, but Keith Urban expected him to do something completely unexpected onstage.

Alex Preston and Sam Woolf were paired for a duet of “The Girl Is Mine” by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. Malaya Watson then took the stage to sing “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan. Keith praised her vocal, but he and Jennifer Lopez said that she was too tense while anticipating for the big notes.

Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene delivered a rendition of “It’s Only Love” by Bryan Adams and Tina Turner, before Jessica Meuse performed “Call Me” by Blondie. J.Lo said she’s “almost there,” but thought that she needed to show her sexy side for a song like that.

Sam Woolf went with “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper. David helped him connect with the audience. Keith praised his vocal ability, while Harry said Sam’s stage act still wasn’t right. He suggested Sam to look up to Ricky Nelson.

Malaya was back onstage to sing a duet of “I Knew You Were Waiting for Me” by Aretha Franklin and George Michael with C.J. Harris. Later, it’s Alex Preston’s turn to perform solo, taking on The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”. Harry said the changes that Alex made to the song made it like “a new tune,” but he wanted Alex to think more about being an entertainer instead of just a performer. Keith wanted Alex to tell “the story,” while J.Lo didn’t like the arrangement. “To change it that much, for me, really just lost the soul of the song,” she commented.

Dexter Roberts and Jessica Meuse teamed up to sing “Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, followed by C.J. Harris’ performance of “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty. Harry pointed out that while he connected well to the song and the audience, C.J. was still struggling with pitch issue. C.J. was the opposite of Sam who nails the vocals but has no connection.

Saved for the last, Caleb Johnson didn’t disappoint with his rendition of “Faithfully” by Journey. He approached it reverently as David suggested and soared at the end. Harry said that’s what he had been waiting for, a vocal that had both strength and subtlety. J.Lo gushed, “You murdered it.”

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040814 1659 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 13 Episode 26   7 Finalists Perform

American Idol Season 13 Episode 26

Episode Name: 7 Finalists Perform

Air date: 4/9/2014 8:00 PM on FOX

Summary: The Top finalists take the stage in hopes of impressing the judges and winning America’s vote! Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat.

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After keeping their save for weeks, “American Idol” judges used their sole right to keep a finalist from elimination on Thursday, April 3. Some may question the judges’ decision considering Sam Woolf’s modest performance compared to other stronger singers’ the night before.

040414 1150 AmericanIdo1 American Idol: Harry Justified their Decision on Sam Woolf

Speaking to reporters after the results show, Harry Connick Jr. justified their decision to use the save on Sam. “As soon as we saw who the three were, we immediately started saying, ‘What does each of these people bring to the competition if we give them the save?’ We talked about all three of them, and when we heard it was Sam, we started flying back-and-forth,” he said. 

The actor/singer explained why Sam deserved a second chance, saying, “I think ultimately we decided to use it on Sam because we think he needs to be in the competition. He brings some things to it that are unique to him; and we get one save, and we thought he was the guy to use it on.” 

Harry, who has been dubbed the toughest judge in season 13 due to his harsh comments, also said that Wednesday night’s performances were the strongest of the season so far. “Last night was the best show of the season for me,” he claimed. 

“Everybody really knew the tunes. They were all really comfortable, and it was the first time I thought, ‘OK, this is a real competition now.’ It could’ve been five different ones that got the least amount of votes. But I thought at this point they were all probably deserving of it,” he went on saying. “It’s not like you have five country singers or five R&B singers. Everybody is a little different. It’s a very diverse group.” 

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Watch American Idol Season 13 Episode 13×24 – 8 Finalists Perform

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American Idol Season 13 Episode 24

Episode Name: 8 Finalists Perform

Air date: 4/2/2014 8:00 PM on FOX

Summary: The top finalists take the stage in hopes of impressing the judges and winning America’s vote! Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat.

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After weeks of landing in the bottom 3, Majesty Rose could not dodge elimination on Thursday, March 27. She became the fifth finalist to be sent home from “American Idol” season 13 based on viewers’ votes. 

032814 0836 AmericanIdo1 American Idol Results: Majesty Roses sent Home

“I think America is really, really smart,” Harry Connick Jr. commented before the eliminated singer was revealed. “All the voting is really performance-based…. It’s all about what you did the night before.” 

Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris were the other two singers in jeopardy that night, but were still able to get through to the Top 8. Majesty sang Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” for the save, giving her best for the performance and later holding back tears as she waited for the judges’ verdict. 

“Without a doubt, this has been the hardest deliberation for us,” Keith Urban told Majesty the bad news. “We’ve got to agree and by a narrow, narrow margin, we’re not going to use our save tonight.” 

Earlier in the results show, Janelle Monae catered the crowd with “What Is Love” from upcoming animated movie “Rio 2“.

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American Idol Season 13 Episode 13×22 – 9 Finalists Perform

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032514 1756 AmericanIdo1 American Idol Season 13 Episode 13x22   9 Finalists Perform

American Idol Season 13 Episode 22

Episode Name: 9 Finalists Perform

Air date: 3/26/2014 8:00 PM on FOX

Summary: The Top finalists take the stage in hopes of impressing the judges and winning America’s vote! Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat.

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After taking on Songs from the Cinema, “American Idol” went more contemporary this week with Songs from the 2010s theme. As the finalists tried to secure a spot in the Top 9, judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban drew laughs by impersonating each other when they swapped seats.

032014 0752 AmericanIdo1 American Idol Top 10 Performances

Back to the competition, M.K. Nobilette picked Pink’s “Perfect” to inspire people, but her performance wasn’t perfect. She ran out of breath at the end of her lines and forgot a few lyrics. Keith complimented her for recovering so well from her mistake, but Jennifer Lopez thought she retreated into her shell and kind of gave up. Harry bluntly said it was a weak performance.

Dexter Roberts went with “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line, slowing the tempo at the beginning. J.Lo said Dexter should have pumped the crowd up more, Harry didn’t think it was a good performance, but Keith disagreed. The Aussie singer liked what Dexter “did at the beginning” and said that he should have stuck to that.

Jena Irene sang “Clarity” by Zedd feat. Foxes. Harry said, “I can really see you succeeding in that” kind of pop music. He and Keith couldn’t agree over how “massive” the melody was. J.Lo said it was the perfect song choice, but told Jena to “hold the middle” of the stage.

One Direction’s song was performed on “Idol” for the first time when Alex Preston sang “Story of My Life”. He changed it to make the song his own and it worked. J.Lo gushed, “You evoke greatness,” and Harry said, “You’ve been so consistent with your artistic choice, I’m starting to see who you are.”

Malaya Watson went with Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”. Her staging wasn’t great as she sat on a stool the entire time, but vocally, she nailed it. Keith said she “knocked it out of the park” vocally, and J.Lo called it “beautiful” and “awesome.”

Caleb Johnson put a rock spin to Lady GaGa’s “The Edge of Glory”. Harry was impressed by his effort, saying, “I’ve seen you do better performances, but I give you an A for originality.” Keith said the arrangement was “lumbering,” but J.Lo liked it. She, however, thought the performance “lacked feeling.”

C.J. Harris’s rendition of “Invisible” by Hunter Hayes was shaky and sleepy. Keith said C.J. did better on rehearsal and J.Lo agreed. Harry gave an important advice, “This is something you can fix. You must get the pitch in check.”

Jessica Meuse went acoustic when singing “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. J.Lo and Keith liked it, but Harry wanted to see more emotion and wasn’t sure if she was interpreting the lyrics correctly.

Majesty Rose tried to bounce back from being in the bottom 3 last week, but her rendition of “Wake Me Up” by Avicii wasn’t that impressive. Harry said, “You challenged (the audience) with a new interpretation of the song,” but Keith didn’t like the folk arrangement. J.Lo noticed Majesty was scared at the beginning of the song and advised her not to let it affect her.

Sam Woolf did “We Are Young” by Fun., which was perfect for his voice. Keith guaranteed that Sam would be back next week, J.Lo saw improvement, but Harry wanted Sam to show “self-assertion.”

032014 0752 AmericanIdo2 American Idol Top 10 Performances

American Idol” returned Wednesday, March 12 with the Top 11 singing songs from the cinema. The outcome of their performances will determine who will be in the Top 10 and joining the “Idol” summer tour.

031314 1446 AmericanIdo1 American Idol Top 11 Performances: Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Stand Out in Movie Night

Sam Woolf kicked off the competition with The Beatles’ “Come Together” from “Across the Universe”. Keith Urban loved that Sam showed his other side and Jennifer Lopez was happy to see him loosen up, but Harry Connick Jr. called it “an average performance.”

Jessica Meuse stepped out next with a stripped down cover of “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel, from “The Graduate”. J.Lo said, “I just felt like you never got your groove on,” while Harry though “the band was off.” Keith advised her “to sing right up on the mic.”

After a couple of flat performances, C.J. Harris raised the bar with his powerful rendition of Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See” from “Blow”. Keith called it a “killer,” and gushed, “You completely nailed that right then; I know exactly who you are.” J.Lo, meanwhile, said C.J. was a frontrunner.

Dexter Roberts rocked out the stage with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” from “Forest Gump”. Harry said it was a “smart” choice, adding, “But you have to be bigger than that song.” Keith suggested him to avoid “karaoke” versions of songs.

Ben Briley went with “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John, from “27 Dresses”. He dressed nicely and played piano in the first verse. J.Lo was confused by his style because he was so country last week. Harry said Ben didn’t pound the piano in the right way and questioned who the “real” Ben is.

Fresh off its Oscar win, Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from “Frozen (2013)” was sung by Majesty Rose that night. Her voice wasn’t up to the song, especially in the high notes. Harry complained that she’s “spreading yourself so thin stylistically,” and Keith suggested, “You’ve got to ease into it a little bit more. You can’t attack it too much.” J.Lo had nothing but praises, saying, “You can be an actress, a musical theater star… or Majesty Rose, the rock star!”

Caleb Johnson delivered a dramatic performance of “Skyfall” by Adele from the James Bond movie. Keith called it an “amazing choice,” and J.Lo added, “It did take us away from the rock side, but it still was you.” Harry agreed, saying, “The competition, as far as I’m concerned, started tonight.”

M.K. Nobilette sang “To Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan from “Hope Floats”. J.Lo loved it and compared M.K. to k.d. lang. Harry thought it was beautiful too, but warned her against melismas in her runs. Keith praised her voice, but said she needed to continue working on connecting with the audience.

Alex Preston chose “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Mareka Irglova from “Once”, opting for a simple take on it. Harry loved his “artistry,” Keith said he’s proud of Alex, and J.Lo thought, “It was a perfect song for you; you sang it perfectly.”

Jena Irene delivered an edgy and dark performance of Paramore’s “Decode” from “Twilight”. Keith called it “exhilarating.” J.Lo dubbed it “the night’s best performance,” urging people to vote for her. Harry agreed that Jena brought a strong performance.

Malaya Watson closed out the night with a “killer” rendition of “I Am Changing” by Jennifer Hudson from “Dreamgirls”. Harry said Malaya “just showed everybody that there is a big belter,” while Keith warned her not to let her adrenaline take over the control.

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American Idol Season 13 Episode 18 American Idol Season 13 11 Finalists Perform Season 13 Episode 18

Episode Name: 11 Finalists Perform

Air date: 3/12/2014, 8:00 PM on FOX

Summary : The Top 11 finalists take the stage in hopes of impressing the judges and winning America’s vote! Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat

101613 0611 DegrassiThe2 11 Finalists Perform Season 13 Episode 18

The final round of “American Idol” season 13 began as the Top 13 performed on Wednesday, February 26. The theme was “This is Me”, so they had to pick a song which reflected them as both a performer and a person.

022714 1101 AmericanIdo1 American Idol Top 13 Performances

The first stage belonged to Dexter Roberts who sang “Aw Naw” by Chris Young. He didn’t set the bar high enough for an opening act as Keith Urban told him to make the song his own and Jennifer Lopez said he needed to take it to the next level. Harry Connick Jr. complained about pitch issues.

Before singing Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” onstage, Malaya Watson got reminded by Randy Jackson to enunciate, but her pronounce was still unclear. J.Lo loved the performance, but said it wasn’t Malaya’s best vocal. Harry, meanwhile, thought she was rattled by nerves.

Kristen O’Connor chose to sing “Beautiful Disaster” by Kelly Clarkson. She took a different meaning from it, saying that she herself was a beautiful disaster. Harry pointed out that she’s out of tune and she blamed it on her earpiece. Keith praised her song choice, while J.Lo suggested her and other contestants to stop thinking.

Ben Briley stayed in his comfort zone with Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”, which he said he had often performed onstage before. Keith thought the tempo “a little brisk” and warned him not to sacrifice his artistry for kitschy entertainment value, but J.Lo and Harry disagreed. J.Lo loved the quick tempo, and Harry said it was the best performance so far.

C.J. Harris went with Darius Rucker’s “Radio” which suited his voice. J.Lo liked the energy. Harry said, “I’m spoiled by your voice,” but felt like it was a one-in-20 concert song. Keith didn’t agree, praising the song choice and that C.J. showed his side that mixed soul, country and R&B.

M.K. Nobilette sang Allen Stone’s “Satisfaction” but she’s far from delivering a satisfying performance. Harry thought she was distracted by the lyrics, but believed she would improve each week. Keith said it was “patchy,” but J.Lo found no problem with the performance at all.

Majesty Rose nailed a cover of Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope”. “That was a killer song choice,” Keith gushed. J.Lo also applauded her song choice and her stage act, while Harry said, “That was terrific, Majesty, that really was.”

Jena Irene went with “The Scientist” by Coldplay which she said the first song she ever learned to play on the piano. J.Lo said she was worried about the song choice at the beginning, but she loved the quality of her voice. Harry praised her creativity, while Keith said she started rough, but she eventually owned it.

Alex Preston sang Jason Mraz’s “Beautiful Mess”. Harry called it a brave performance and liked the tune, but warned him to sing in tune. Keith said he was caught by the performance and J.Lo agreed with him.

Jessica Meuse delivered a dramatic performance of “The Crow and the Butterfly” by Shinedown. “That was a very bold but cool song choice,” Keith said, as J.Lo added, “There was a dark, haunting quality to it.” Harry got distracted by the butterfly images behind her, but said, “I thought that was strong, man. I heard a different sound in your voice.”

Singing “Glitter in the Air” by Pink, Emily Piriz picked “a tough song to take on,” according to J.Lo. “But you did it so beautifully,” she added. Harry had nothing but praises for Emily, while Keith recommended that she find a balance in her performance.

Sam Woolf chose “Unwell” by Matchbox 20. Harry wished Woolf’s sound was more messed-up to match the sentiment of the tune. Keith complained about the slow tempo, while J.Lo advised him, “You need to really get loose up there.”

Caleb Johnson rocked the stage with his rendition of Rival Sons’ “Pressure and Time”. Keith said it was a killer, but thought that Caleb needed to add a new twist to his song choices to keep from sounding so retro. J.Lo said he’s ready for the rock star life, and Harry pitched Caleb as the next lead singer of Rival Sons should they ever need a new one.

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