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042815 0437 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 27 Top 4 Perform Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 27

Episode Name: Top 4 Perform

Air date: 4/29/2015

Summary: One contestant’s journey will end and the remaining four finalists will perform live!

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042815 0437 WatchAmeric2 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 27 Top 4 Perform Online

042015 1215 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 26 Top 5 Perform Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 26

Episode Name: Top 5 Perform

Air date: 4/22/2015

Summary: The top 5 perform hoping to impress the judges and the viewers at home.

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042015 1215 WatchAmeric2 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 26 Top 5 Perform Online


041315 1130 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 25 Top 6 Perform Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 25

Episode Name: Top 6 Perform

Air date: 4/15/2015

Summary: Ryan has the results from the latest public vote.

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041315 1130 WatchAmeric2 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 25 Top 6 Perform Online

033015 0957 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 23 Top 8 Perform Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 23

Episode Name: Top 8 Perform

Air date: 4/1/2015

Summary: The top 8 perform hoping to impress the viewers at home and the judges.

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033015 0957 WatchAmeric2 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 23 Top 8 Perform Online

030415 1212 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 17 Top 8 Guys Perform Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 17

Episode Name: Top 8 Guys Perform

Air date: 3/4/2015

Summary: The top eight men perform.

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030415 1212 WatchAmeric2 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 17 Top 8 Guys Perform Online

022415 1045 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 15 Top 12 Boys Perform Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 15

Episode Name: Top 12 Boys Perform

Air date: 2/25/2015

Summary: The time has finally come for America to be heard! The Top 12 guys take to the stage for the very first time in hopes of winning over viewers, who will then vote for the first time this season!

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022415 1045 WatchAmeric2 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 15 Top 12 Boys Perform Online

012015 1446 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 5 Auditions #5 Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 5

Episode Name: Auditions #5

Air date: 1/21/2015

Summary: Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr., continue to try and find the country’s hottest talent in the next round of auditions.

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012015 1446 WatchAmeric2 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 5 Auditions #5 Online

010615 1818 WatchAmeric1 Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 1 Auditions #1 Online

American Idol Season 14 Episode 1

Episode Name: Auditions #1

Air date: 1/7/2015

Summary: Everyone’s favorite singing competition returns for its 14th season. This season promises to deliver the most talented group of singers yet and as always, it’s up to the viewers to root and vote for their favorite contestants, ultimately crowning the next AMERICAN IDOL. This is the very 1st Auditions episode of Season 14.

Watch American Idol Season 14 Episode 1 Clips:



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Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene were back on “American Idol” Tuesday, May 20 before the winner is announced the next day. The Top 2 contestants sang three each: a song picked by “Idol” creator Simon Fuller, a reprise of their favorite performances on the show, and what would become their coronation song.

052114 0507 AmericanIdo1 American Idol Season 13: Final 2 Performances

Jena won the coin toss and chose to go first. She sang Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”. Keith Urban loved the way she “owned that stage,” though he noticed some adrenaline-related issues with breath control. Jennifer Lopez said, “I could feel the heebies-jeebies coming out,” but halfway through the performance, Jena loosened up and got comfortable. 

Simon picked Aerosmith’s “Dream On” for Caleb. Despite his vocal issue last week, Caleb nailed the song, even the screaming part. “That’s what you gotta do! You gotta come on, and you gotta deliver. You gotta seize the moment,” J.Lo said. Keith also had nothing but praise, calling it “exceptional,” while Harry Connick Jr. advised him, “Don’t forget to take the same focus, the same energy you have on the end of the tune at the very beginning of the tune.” 

In the second segment, Jena chose to reprise her rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. She managed to repeat the success of the performance a few weeks ago, with J.Lo commenting, “Your soul comes through on that song when you sit at that piano. … It makes me feel things, makes me do things that I’ve never done before.” 

“Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney was Caleb’s choice for his second performance. The judges basically said that Caleb’s power was undeniable, but told him not to forget the emotional connection to the song, because according to J.Lo, “at the end of the day, when the soul comes through, that’s what’s going to really give the goosies.” 

Harry and J.Lo said Caleb won the first round and Jena won the second round, but Keith thought the first round belonged to Caleb and the second round was a tie. 

Jena Irene’s coronation song is “We Are One”. She appeared to be struggling in the slowed-down lower register, but soared on the high notes. “I think it was a nice finish to the show,” J.Lo said, while Keith thought, “It’s perfect for you.” 

Caleb’s coronation song “As Long As You Love Me” was written by Darkness’ frontman Justin Hawkins. It has cheesy lyrics like, “As long as you love me, we don’t have to be together 24/7,” but musically, it suited him. Harry compared Caleb and Jena to heavyweight boxers, “The way I look at it, you’re like Joe Frazier, Jena is like Muhammad Ali. This is a puncher vs. a boxer.” Keith can’t wait to see the results tomorrow, while J.Lo said, “I felt that you put it all out there and you went for it.” 

The winner of American Idol season 13 will be announced in a two-hour finale on Wednesday starting at 8 P.M. on FOX. 

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050814 0954 AmericanIdo11 American Idol Season 13 Top 4 Contestants Performances

We’re down to the nitty-gritty on “American Idol” Season 13. They, of course, make us relive last week’s shenanigans where they could have saved the lowest vote-getter from going home. Do you suppose they put that in place because the producers didn’t want to lose teen heartthrob Sam Woolf? We have our suspicions. 

Anyway, the theme tonight is break-ups and make-ups, with each singer performing three songs. Let’s dive right in … 

1. Caleb Johnson, “You Give Love a Bad Name,” Bon Jovi 

I’m actually surprised he hasn’t done any Bon Jovi so far this season, but then he starts singing and I can kind of see why — Caleb’s voice is almost too rock for this. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Bon Jovi, but this song is making him sound too pretty. Does anybody know what I’m talking about? It sounds crazy, but the best parts are when he starts shouting outside the melody line. But the rest of it is a little too … clean. It’s not bad, of course, but it’s lacking a little for me until he lets loose. 

Either way, there’s no reason why Caleb shouldn’t be Top 3. He should probably win this, in all honesty. But that just wasn’t my favorite of his. I’m with Keith — it really didn’t get next-level awesome for me until Caleb made it his own at the end. 

2. Jessica Meuse, “Since You Been Gone,” Kelly Clarkson 

So, I am pleasantly surprised by this. I thought this was a terrible choice for Jessica’s intricate country voice, but she busts out some mad rock/pop chops on this one and I end up really loving it. Clarkson is not easy to sing at all and Jessica pretty much nails it. I hate the ending, that one little “here’s the thing” line, but I get that it’s hard to end a song like that in a situation like this. But overall, pretty solid by Jessica. 

3. Alex Preston, “Too Close,” Alex Clare

I find him writing the lyrics on his hand to be ridiculous and not cute, do other people think that’s cute and/or funny? Because, no — just learn the words. Anyway, vocally this is good. Alex does his Alex thing and sounds great. I could be wrong, but I feel like the last spot in the Top 3 is going to be between Jessica and Alex (I think Caleb and Jena are shoo-ins), so this is good, but maybe a little quiet after Jessica’s rocking out. I would give Round 1 to Jessica. Alex is a terrific musician, but I just didn’t see more from Alex here, whereas I saw more from Jessica than we’ve seen from her before. 

That being said, I could be totally wrong about who has the Top 3 spots sewn up, so maybe it’s not Alex vs. Jessica for the final slot. But that’s my opinion. 

4. Jena Irene, “Heartbreaker,” Pat Benetar 

Terrific, terrific choice. Wonderful. Best song choice in the first half of the show by a mile. And Jena totally nails it. This is right in her wheelhouse, she’s strong, sassy, right on pitch and really showing off her pipes. This just helps cement my feelings about her and Caleb being Top 3 locks. 

I love the way Keith Urban was jamming out to the bridge — that’s my favorite part too, the drums are spectacular. But I do disagree with his assessment of her performance, I think Jena was totally into it, 100 percent. 

5. Caleb Johnson, “Travelin’ Band,” Creedence Clearwater Revival 

Love me some CCR and Caleb is perfect to cover their songs. There are moments when he sounds so much like John Fogarty that it’s scary. This suits his voice so much more than Bon Jovi, I’m so glad he got to sing this song second. But yeah, I have nothing else to say. I was enjoying this so much I barely wrote a word. Really well done. I’d love to hear him do some “Born on the Bayou” or “Fortunate Son” or “Down on the Corner.” 

6. Jessica Meuse, “So What?,” Pink

Huh. So Jessica decided to go full-on rocker punk chick this week. I dig it. She actually handles this song really well, no cheating on the low notes that a lot of women can’t hit squarely. But yeah, this is dynamic and sassy, though she still has the problem of not quite knowing what to do with herself when she doesn’t have her guitar. But I applaud her stepping out from behind her guitar at times. 

Interestingly, all the judges think neither of Jessica’s songs were right for her. Well, they aren’t perfect for her the way Stevie Nicks’ songs are, but they weren’t wrong for her either. I like that she showed off a different style, but that is just me, apparently. 

7. Jena Irene, “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga

I hate this song choice for Jena. There are Gaga songs she could absolutely pull off, but this slowed-down rocker arrangement is too weird, plus she’s singing it like a soaring anthem, like she’s still in “Heartbreaker” mode. This song needs more grit coupled with an EDM beat, this is like if Journey sang Gaga or something. Yikes. Jena needs to a good rebound for song three, because this is pretty weak. 

8. Alex Preston, “I’m Yours,” Jason Mraz 

It’s about time he performed this song, right? Really strong choice for him. If the voters agree with the judges that they don’t like Jessica Meuse’s songs tonight, Alex may have just taken a Top 3 spot with this performance. He doesn’t do much to it that’s outside the original, but he does a great job covering the original and people love this song, so it was a great choice. 

9. Caleb Johnson, “Maybe I’m Amazed,” Paul McCartney

Interesting choice for him to slow things down, but he really nails it. What’s nice about this song is it’s a beautiful ballad, but it’s also kind of rock — leave it to Sir Paul, right? But yeah, as J-Lo keeps saying, Caleb is going to be hard to beat for the title. He’s just so good. He can sing anything. 

10. Jessica Meuse, “You & I,” Lady Gaga

Now this is more like it. I liked her first two choices, but this sounds like the kind of song Jessica would release, whereas the first two sounded more like fun covers of songs that aren’t really in her lane. Also, this is how you do Gaga and make it your own, Jena. Sorry, babe. Either way, Jessica kills this. She’s so, so good and wow, she has made this such a race. 

11. Jena Irene, “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” Elvis Presley 

I would never in a million years have guessed she would sing this, but it’s a wonderful bounce-back from that atrocious Gaga debacle. Jena is always the strongest at the piano, in my opinion, and to top it all off, the vocal is flawless. There is so much emotion and she’s doing wonderful things with her dynamics. This and Jessica’s Gaga are tied for my favorite performances of the night, wow. The stuff she does at the end? Tears. So good. 

12. Alex Preston, “Yellow,” Coldplay 

Good choice for him, but honestly? I think it could have been a little better. There are a few bum notes here and there and he also doesn’t really do anything interesting or new with the song. I’m a little surprised they didn’t have him go second-to-last and let Jena go last with her “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” 

I know I may be in the minority, but I just don’t love Alex’s whole schtick. However, that’s personal preference — I’m not bagging on his talent, because he’s obviously very talented. 

I think my assessment that Caleb and Jena have Top 3 spots locked down was correct and now it’ll come down to whether the voters prefer Jessica or Alex. I prefer Jessica, but it’s personal taste. They’re both great and it’s no shame to go home at this point because everybody really brought their A game this week.

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